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About Dr Nick Penney:

Dr Nick Penney DO (UK) BSc (Hons) Ost Med PhD (Musculoskeletal Medicine)

Nick brings his 34 years of clinical experience to his role as a Specialist Osteopath and director of Integrative Pain Care in Remuera. Integrative care combines 'best and evidence-informed practice' from a variety of clinical disciplines and we now understand pain and dysfunction are a result of a range of Biopsychosocial factors. Pain in particular is defined within this model by the International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP) of which both Nick and Shelley are members. Nick is also currently the only Osteopath registered in New Zealand under the Pain Management Vocational Scope of Practice.

Nick also acts as a consultant in Physical and Mental Wellbeing to a number of schools and organisations. Understanding how the mind and body interacts is essential for good physical and mental health, as well as rehabilitation from pain and injury. Nick is currently the only trained and experienced mindfulness teacher in New Zealand who teaches the Mindfulness in Schools program. A program of 9 lessons that teaches students from 10-17 how their minds work, and provides mental skills training to foster resilience and empathy for themselves and others. More information on Nicks work in mindfulness training can be found at

Nick has been appointed to Expert Panels in low back pain on both sides of the Tasman. As a steering committee member of the Australian Guidelines Group he had input into the clinical practice guidelines development for neck pain, shoulder pain, thoracic spine pain, low back pain and knee pain. Nick was also a member of the multidisciplinary review group for Acute Pain Management: Scientific Evidence, produced by the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists and the Faculty of Pain Medicine.

Understanding how life's stresses impact on our wellbeing led to a personal practice in mindfulness meditation, and subsequent further study, in order to be able to teach the practice. Meditators in general enjoy better health and longevity, and the practice fits with our intention of helping our patients remain physically and psychologically resilient. See for further information.